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Was Your Medical Care Improper?

When The Medical System Fails You

As a patient, you had the right to expect the highest standard of care from medical professionals. Unfortunately, medical mistakes, the failure to take the time to understand your symptoms, and other oversights have left you wondering where to turn.

What Options Do You Have When A Nurse Or Doctor Causes More Harm Than Good?

Medical negligence is a term used to describe a wrongdoing by a medical professional or institution that led to the physical or emotional harm of a patient. If you or a loved has been hurt due to medical negligence, we at Edmiston & Colton Law Firm want to hear from you. We use our more than 81 years of combined experience and extensive legal resources to stand up for your rights and hold negligent parties accountable for their actions. Our Billings medical malpractice lawyers are committed to recovering the maximum compensation on your behalf.

Since our firm’s founding in 1987, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for injured clients and their families in Billings and throughout Montana.

We Represent Clients In All Types Of Medical Negligence Claims

Our lawyers are ready to take action against any medical professional or institution that caused you harm, including family doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. We handle medical malpractice cases involving:

  • Surgical errors
  • Radiological errors
  • Prescription medication errors
  • Birth injuries
  • Emergency room errors

Not all instances of cancer misdiagnosis or other medical errors are cause for a lawsuit. We carefully evaluate each case before deciding to represent a client. By doing so, we can devote the time and attention needed to succeed against negligent doctors and staff.

Contact Our Lawyers For A Free Consultation

Our Billings medical negligence attorneys provide representation on a contingent-fee basis, meaning we advance all costs of litigation and a fee is charged only when there is a recovery. Contact our medical malpractice lawyers today through our online form or call us at (406) 213-7770 for a consultation.

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